For New Volunteer Child Advocates

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Child Advocate? The 19th Judicial Circuit’s program offers a comprehensive training and onboarding program to help prepare you for this important role in a child’s life. Our team is here with you from the beginning and throughout your journey as a Volunteer Child Advocate. Here is what you can expect:

Basic Requirements?

Are you 21 years of age or older?
Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Do you feel comfortable you would pass a background check?

If you answered ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then you can learn more about what is involved in becoming a Volunteer Child Advocate

Requirements Summary

  • 21 Years or Older?
  • Valid Driver’s License?
  • Application
  • Screening Interview
  • Criminal Background Check
  • 2-Day Classroom Session
  • Independent Study Course & Certification
  • Courtroom Observation


Complete an Application – This collects your basic information and puts you in our system so we can start the conversation with you.

Screening Interview with a Recruiter – this is an opportunity to get to you know a little more – and hear some of your questions about the program. This is an important step to make sure this is a great fit for you, the program and most importantly, the children.

Criminal Background Check – we perform a background check as part of the process.


Once step 1 is completed, you are ready to experience our full training. We want to make sure you are prepared and also let you know that we are here as a resource to help you succeed in this role.

Training includes

Independent Study Sessions – enroll in online courses that you can do on your own time. Complete these and share your certificate with us.
See training here…

2 days of classroom sessions – we will go over all of the ins and outs of the program and provide the tools you need to succeed. See our classroom training schedule…


In-the-field training. Just like being on the job, all of our volunteers in training get a chance to see what it is like to be a Volunteer Child Advocate in the real world.

This includes observing a courtroom session where a case is taking place and other field work.

Our goal is to make sure you know what it is like first-hand to be a VCA.